An expat hailing from Botswana and the United States, Wazha lives by the Setswana proverb, “To travel is to see”.    His passion for the travel and hospitality industry grew by traveling the world arose from a young age and later by spending his college summers working at Chobe Game Lodge in Botswana.  A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University,  Wazha earned a degree in Travel Industry Management and has been working in luxury leisure travel for over six years.

Wazha now works at Kartagener Associates as the Business Development Manager building relationships with with tour operators and travel agencies to marketing the very best of Africa, India and Asia.   

On his travels Wazha looks for ways to trim his bucket list and find the next big adventure, he has been fortunate enough to have hiked the Hawaiian mountains and volcanoes, cliff jumped into the Pacific Ocean, dune boarded in Dubai, been mock charged by elephants in Botswana, swam with the Great Whites and Piranhas, cruised the Yangtze and Amazon rivers, climbed the Great Wall of China and Machu Picchu, spent time with the San bushmen, Maoris, and much more.