In January of 2015, Young Travel Professionals, in partnership with Hyatt Hotels Corporation, had a full-day interactive think tank taking a deep dive into what motivates the next generation of travelers and what travel brands can do to invest in the development of a new generation of young travel professionals. 

Over the past 6 months, YTP has been reviewing and analyzing all of the data collected from the think tank to prepare a 30 page report outlining all of the findings from TravelFutureLab. This comprehensive report identifies the travel patterns of the millennial generation, what brands can do to attract those millennials and what we need to do to prepare the travel and hospitality industry workforce to develop professionally.

The data, insights and action-based notes in this report targets three layers of demographics. If you fall in one of these categories, this report is for you.



Attendees defined new objectives, core courses and elective courses for colleges and universities to utilize when creating their curriculums.



Attendees defined what a millennial wants and needs when traveling. We take a deep dive into what brands need to do to market to this new generation. We also take a look at the industry 10 years from now.



Attendees identified characteristics to be successful in a career in the travel industry as well as action-based next steps to thrive in this industry.