Sarah was born to be in travel!  With family spread across Canada & the US, Sarah grew up experiencing lots of North America.  Sarah loved every minute & was only inspired to see more of this beautiful world! After attending college at Texas Christian University, where she earned a BA in Sociology and double minors in Religion and Japanese, Sarah settled down in Fort Worth, Texas where she has been working for Sanders Travel Centre ever since.

Her favorite realms of the world are where you get off the beaten path and get active! From Uruguay to New Zealand, Morocco to Belize, Sarah takes every chance she gets to explore the people, landscapes and cultures that shape our world. It is her pleasure to share these incredible destinations & many more with other adventurous travelers.

Since January 2014 Sarah has transitioned from sales into management.  As the Director of Operations and Group Sales, she has the privilege of supporting the wonderful team at Sanders Travel and ensuring all your travel needs are met.