With nearly two decades of experience working in luxury and adventure travel, Sarah has plenty of stamps in her well-worn passport. Over the years, she has worked behind-the-scenes at the most amazing safari camps in Africa and alongside some of the most innovative, bespoke tour operators around the world.

From trekking through the African bush on foot with Maasai warriors to exploring the bustling markets of San Cristóbal de las Casas in remote Chiapas, Mexico, Sarah's career has taken her on some incredible adventures with plenty of interesting people. But these days, as a busy Mom of two, her favorite travel companions are definitely her young family!

Together they have enjoyed adventures like peering down into an active volcano in Nicaragua, cooling off with a swim in Costa Rica’s famous Pacuare River and beading with Samburu ladies in a remote corner of northern Kenya.

As a mother, she has discovered the extraordinary power of stepping away from the daily grind for a period of time to travel the world. Through travel, her family has had the most amazing opportunity to connect with one another and simply be together in the sacred present moment. Sarah's life has been so changed by creating these treasured memories together for her own family, that she built a travel agency dedicated to helping other families discover the power of travel!