Rani is a born and bred Brooklynite who never thought she would ever get the chance to leave the country she called home. After graduating with a BFA in Design from the School of Visual Arts she landed an Art Director position at the Food Network. During her time there she dreamt about visiting Turkey but never thought she’d actually make her way over to such an exotic place. In 2009 she got the chance to ride on the coat tails of her cousin Nomi’s new found musical success! The group was the apple of the eye of a wealthy Turkish artist who wanted to fly the band out to Istanbul for an intimate performance in a palace on the Bosphorus overlooking the Asian continent, Nomi dragged Rani along with her.
Rani found herself looking out the window of her Turkish Airline flight and watching a golden sunset slowly silhouette centuries of old mosques with towering minarets. Two weeks in Istanbul wasn't enough. She changed her return flight so she could spend a week in Tuscany and a week in Barcelona, the travel bud had struck.
That first year of travel, in just 2 months, Rani explored 4 countries and she didn’t stop there. India, South Korea, Bangladesh, OH MY! The list just keeps getting longer, 19 countries and counting. She knew she needed to leave the design world and follow her heart. She joined Protravel in August of 2014 with the help of YTP.