Pam has been a YTP member since her Boston University days. After graduating hotel school in 2013, she worked at The Fairmont San Francisco (with fellow board member Janelle Zanoni!) and Expedia while keeping busy leading the YTP-SF chapter before relocating from San Francisco to NYC in late 2017. She now works at Hopper as a Hotel Market Manager. 

Her passions include her rescue pup Marla (adopted in 2013), hotels (everything about them) and cucumber gimlets (which she recently learned has a name: The Eastside!) 

She also finds bios can quickly become outdated as time passes so her best advice is to reach out to her directly to grab coffee and chat. 

And because we are a travel group:  some of her favorite places include The Fairmont San Francisco’s annual two-story gingerbread house, Alston Park in Napa, CA (dog-friendly walking/running path and park) and The High Line in NYC after 10pm.