Nikki is a 4th generation New Yorker (she lives in a house in Queens her Great-Grandmother bought) & travelled for the first time on a Chorus trip her Senior Year of High School (even though she wasn't in chorus...)

Traveling across Europe with a group of American high school students, Nikki was immediately bothered by the fact that everyone was so unwilling to try anything new.  All anyone wanted to do was eat at McDonald's & was frustrated whenever a local didn't speak English.
From that point Nikki became obsessed with local travel- figuring out how to best blend in, even as a foreigner.  She started in her very own city, beginning her New York City Tour Guide career straight out of college.

6 years later, Nikki was offered a position at one of the companies she guided for, Urban Adventures (where each of the cities they operate in are locally owned).  She's on the Marketing team, helping to promote sustainable, local travel & manages the guide program, incentivizing & motivating guides to be super excited about the Urban Adventures brand.