Michaela joins YTP with a love of travel and an affinity for Latin America. Some of her favorite memories include her time between semesters of graduate school, where she backpacked through Peru and volunteered at a school outside of Lima. Thereafter, she journeyed through Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Cuba, among other destinations around the world. Michaela’s favorite trips include off-the-beaten path experiences that include equal parts adventure and spending time with locals to get to know their culture. She gets some of her wildest travel ideas from one of her all-time heroes, Anthony Bourdain. When she’s not traveling the world, Michaela enjoys reading travel novels. A favorite of hers is Brian Kevin’s The Footloose American, where Kevin retraces Hunter S. Thompson’s early ’60s journey through South America, when Thompson was reporting for the National Observer and before he became famous as a “gonzo journalist.”

Michaela is currently the Brand Manager of AFAR Media, a multi-platform travel media brand that inspires, guides, and enables deeper, richer and more fulfilling travel experiences. Prior to joining the AFAR Media team, Michaela worked in travel public relations for The Brandman Agency. She studied public relations at the University of Florida, and received her master’s degree in Global Marketing Communication and Advertising from Emerson College in Boston. She’s currently taking Portuguese and Spanish lessons in her neighborhood of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and enjoys attending Greenlight Bookstores events and book club meetings. She hopes to continue traveling the world, and has her sights set on trips to Asia and South Africa.