Inspire and empower the next generation of the travel industry.

Pairing YTP members with volunteer mentors, respected individuals from all sectors of the industry looking to share their experiences & knowledge, provides our community with an additional resource to help them realize their professional goals.

The YTP Mentor Program will be a six month commitment between both parties taking part.  Mentors and Mentee are selected through an application process and are paired accordingly after each application is reviewed.  YTP management identifies points of correlation between applicants and pairs Mentees with the most suitable mentor. 

Mentor Program Guidelines

The YTP Mentor Program is a six-month long commitment that facilitates a mutually beneficial relationship between Mentor and Mentee. Our Mentors must have at least 10 years of experience working in the Travel or Hospitality Industry and hold a high-level management position. Mentees must be currently working in the industry, interested in changing careers or have recently graduated college.