As a small child, Lindsay’s night light was a giant globe. It’s no wonder that the thing that brought her comfort as a child is what continues to make her happy as an adult. Lindsay grew up travelling, both by staring at maps for hours on end, and by heading overseas starting at 18 months old. Always her favourite subject in school, Lindsay went on to study Human Geography at the University of British Columbia, receiving her BA in 2007. A dual citizen of Canada and the UK, Lindsay opted to do her second degree in England, completing her MSc in Tourism Management (Distinction) in 2010.

Lindsay joined Urban Adventures, the day tour brand at the Intrepid Group, as the Digital Marketing Specialist in 2011. Now the Digital Marketing Manager, Lindsay has taken the Urban Adventures marketing team from a lonely group of one (yes, herself) to a really awesome team of four. Lindsay and her team are responsible for all aspects of digital marketing, including strategic planning, branding, content, social media, partnerships, and special projects, like a full website redesign and internal brand training programs.

Naturally, Lindsay travels as often as she can, and has managed just over 40 countries at this point. She’s ever-so-slightly addicted to Iceland (we’ve got a four-timer over here!), and also counts Hong Kong, England, and Croatia as her favourite places (so far). Climbing Mount Kinabalu was one of her coolest foreign experiences, and she’s got her eyes set on Namibia, New Zealand, Japan, Ireland, and Argentina as her next adventures. When she’s not travelling, you can find her eating cheese, learning Spanish / German / Icelandic, running races, drinking wine, and advocating for the widespread use of the Oxford comma.