Combining his love of travel with his passion for hospitality, Seth has been helping others enjoy travel for almost a decade. A second generation native of Los Angeles, he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Psychology and backgrounds in Sociology and LGBT Studies. His goal is to provide exclusively personalized travel experiences for each his clients be it for their corporate ventures in Chicago or their Honeymoon in the Maldives.

Whether gallivanting across Europe, cruising through glaciers in Alaska or following parties around the world – he’s experienced travel at its best while also understanding that value is important to clients. After several years working with some of the most “particular” people in Hollywood, Seth has developed an innate ability to anticipate the every need of his clients and make sure they are taken care of beyond their expectations.

Following an intense year with one of the top producing agencies in the country, he knew it was time for him to pursue his dreams and fully dedicate himself to his clients so he founded aXcess Travel.