Wanderlust is defined as a very strong and irresistible impulse or desire to travel the world, and this definition could not resonate more profoundly in Kelly's life! After obtaining a degree in International Studies and German from the University of Wyoming, Kelly went on to live two years in Europe (Germany and France) where she studied language, worked as an Au Pair in Munich and a tour guide in the Brittany region of France. It was through her experience as a guide she realized she was destined to work in the travel industry, and thus changed course once more to head to the West Coast. Kelly has been working as a travel consultant at a local Seattle travel agency for the last two years and is exploring the Pacific Northwest as much as possible.   She revels in taking any kind of trip, loves getting to know new people, trying new things (food especially!) and has a strong affinity for yoga, tennis, smoothies and ukulele!