Jennifer "Jenny" Weiss is a proud fast talker, walker, bagel lover originally from New York City, who was born with the wunderlust gene. At just 1 month old she took her first international flight. This passion for travel led her to Providence, RI to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Travel & Tourism Hospitality Management.

From then she traded the bagels (not really) for lobster rolls landing a gig in Boston,MA. Working at a travel company right after college has led her into many aspects of the industry. She's been able to assist travelers on information about their future trips, booking flights across the globe and persuading them to take an adventure to exotic locations . All the while continuing to be an advocate for instilling leadership skills in young
girls and the importance of education in ones life. In Jenny's spare time she can be found riding her bike along the Charles river, rock climbing or on an adventure with her unicorn tribe.