Olivia Patterson – YTP Host/Travel Consultant at Lake Shore Travel

Prior to the YTP-Israel FAM, I had this idea that Israel was a destination primarily for the religious – Jews, Christians and Muslims travelling to experience that which they hold sacred.  I couldn’t have been more wrong. Israel delivered a diversity of experience beyond expectations. From historical Jerusalem to modern Tel Aviv, from dry desert to fertile (and snow covered!) vineyards, from chocolate tasting to graffiti tours, Israel is a land of contrasts, and one week was not nearly enough time to experience the variety she has to offer. Plus I need to go back for more chocolate tahini!

Stephen Scott, Travel Consultant at First In Service

This was a life changing experience. The history, the landscape, the food, and the people were all on display, thanks to the great YTP FAMs team, Kenes Tours, El AL Airlines, and Dan Hotels.

Get to Tel Aviv, it's a global hotspot. The beaches, the nightlife, the food, and culture. You have to go! 

Nikki Padilla – Bare Feet Tours

I am 1000x grateful that I made the decision to apply & was accepted into the Israel FAM.  It's a place that was never on my list and that I would have never thought to bring clients to but I figured if YTP was offering the trip- how unfortunately ignorant I was!

The FAM, and all of our hosts opened my eyes to what an incredible destination I was missing out on.  Kenes Tours jam packed our itinerary (in a good way!) covering most of the activities and areas of the country while making sure we had information on the places we weren't able to visit.  Each day was so incredible that we thought there'd be no way to top it the next, but they managed to every time!  All of our activities and excursions were so special, far beyond your average tour.  We had Shabbat dinner in a local's home, drove ATV's on a very adventurous trek despite the rain and mud, experienced the Western Wall at it's busiest, ate our way through the marketplace...  To many incredible experiences to recount.

We were so taken care of from the moment we arrived at the airport.  Our El Al hosts prepped us for the airline's unique check-in and security process, zipping us through to relax in their beautiful lounge at JFK- making sure we tried the hummus.

We were greeted at the airport by Kenes Tours & our unmatchable guide Ilan who remained with us every step of the way.  Each Dan Hotels property made us feel more than welcome, giving us nothing short of the VIP treatment and some of their nicest rooms.  Everyone was available throughout the trip to answer any question and help open our eyes to what Israel has to offer for our clients.  For a FAM trip, it far surpassed any expectations I had, and as a destination, it's not only moved onto my list, but right to the top.


Hear from our hosts:

Mor Ram – El Al Host

As a native Israeli it was amazing to see reactions of first timers visiting the holy land… it truly felt like discovering my homeland all over again!

Above everything we experienced the different faces that Israel has to offer: young, fun, active and exciting… It left a huge and lasting impression on all of us!

Jason Baron – Dan Hotels Host

On behalf of Dan Hotels, we thank YTP for making the FAM to Israel a reality! Together with EL AL and KENES Tours, we hope your journey of discovery has opened your eyes and hearts to Israel as a destination worthy of high recommendation -- rich in history, culture and natural beauty, with a myriad of activities that will appeal to your clients of all generations. Equally, as important, we hope you enjoyed your time with us at Dan Hotels and you will put your confidence in Dan Hotels as the number one hotel chain of choice for your clients traveling to Israel. The members of YTP are OUR future! We look forward to hearing from each of you and supporting your continued growth as travel professionals and future industry leaders.