Graham is a self-proclaimed nomad, who has left his dusty footprints on many corners of the world. He’s spent the better half of his childhood with his Canadian snowbird grandparents in Siesta Key, Florida during each spring break. In high school, he studied abroad in Italy; learning Italian and travelling across the beautiful country. He’s been a part of a few voluntourism trips to both Ethiopia and Costa Rica (where he’s no stranger to waking up to a cow outside his door). He’s also lived in both Kentucky and Texas, and can recommend a great place to grab a bite. Having recently worked on a vessel of the ocean, he was tired of being surrounded by saltwater and longed for a new adventure. It was then he decided to follow his passion, and went back to school to earn a business diploma in Travel & Tourism. 

Though Graham has travelled extensively, he still plans on visiting Europe, South America and Asia in the near future. On a smaller scale, Graham hopes to hit the open road to uncover hidden gems around small and big towns alike in the United States. Currently, Graham is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at Builtvisible; an Organic Digital agency specializing in performance-focused SEO, content and analytics.

Graham is based in London, England and oversees YTP’s global digital marketing and social media efforts. When he’s not travelling, you can find him in a local record store getting lost among the stacks of vinyl.