Having traveled to 16 countries in the last five years, it is safe to say that Gabrielle is part of the Wanderlust generation. Exploring the world is her deepest passion next to yoga, which is how she started down the path of building her own company called Pivotal Travel. 

After college Gabrielle moved to San Francisco for the amazing Leader in Development Sale Manager positions at the Omni in the Financial District. During that time, she learned a great deal about event management, travel sales, and also stumbled upon yoga. 

In 2015 Gabrielle decided to take a sharp left turn off Corporate World Drive and embark down the road of entrepreneurship with a company based on creating sustainable travel through adventure and yoga retreats around the world. Gabrielle’s goal is to spread the concept of sustainable travel to the Millennials using her company as a basis to do so. 

Through YTP San Diego, Gabrielle also hopes to spread the concept of sustainable travel, while helping to build the connection between the travel industry millennials in San Diego.