Charlotte was born in Harare, Zimbabwe in the Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Clinic.  Growing up naked and wild, she moved to South Africa at aged 14 and had to learn how to wear clothes and fit into normal society.  She went to school and university in Cape Town where she struggled to fit into the ‘norm’ but found her tribe when she started rowing at university.
At aged 24, Charlotte moved to the UK where she came down with a terrible bout of the travel bug and found it difficult to stay in one place.  She travelled from London to Europe and then took 7 months off to see the world but had to choose a few places.  She has not yet found a place that can cure her of her wanton desire to dig out the backpack and go again.  She craves adventure and as such, moved back to Zimbabwe after her travels and has spent a year in Mozambique before making the momentous decision to move with her husband and their ‘future children’ to Cape Town to settle down…with the promise of more travel when they leave home!
Now that she has decided to settle for the time being, Charlotte runs a charity in Zimbabwe and is studying life coaching in order to help people from all walks of life in their strive to figure at least SOME of it out.