I developed my love of travel over the last 25 years as I watched Travel by
Appointment grow and evolve (family business). I have traveled extensively
to not only many major US cities but also international destinations such
as Mexico, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, China, and most recently Chile. While attending Florida State University (2004-2008) I studied in Valencia, Spain in the summer of 2006 and had the "time of my life". In April 2008, I completed FSU with a double major in Psychology and English Literature. Upon graduating I completed a one-year internship at a career consultant practice assisting with client relations before realizing that marketing/business is my true love and joined Travel by Appointment where I focus on marketing aspects of the business, social media, networking events, and special projects.

Aside from YTP, I am also active in attending local networking groups throughout the Tampa Bay area and am particularly heavily involved with 96 Emerge Tampa Bay (committee member); Professional Philanthropy Network (board member); and Tampa Bay Seminole Club (board committee member).

In my free time I like to attend community events, go to concerts (music is
another huge passion of mine), play tennis, and of course travel outside of Tampa whenever I get a chance.