Brandon developed some of his most treasured memories early in life on annual family vacations around his childhood home in Wisconsin. Those memories intensified with his first vacation on an airplane where he was able to experience things he had never seen at home, and with people most precious to him. He found that the details and logistics were etched in his memory--the airline, the hotel, the restaurants, even the aircraft type of the flight. It was a grade school trip to Washington DC and Williamsburg which cemented the independence and passion for the industry he still holds today. Brandon took this passion and went to create a career out of it, obtaining his Bachelor of Science in International Hotel and Tourism Management from Johnson & Wales University in 2009. Since then, Brandon has worked in many levels of the front office of hotels, on the buyer’s side of air travel products for both leisure tour clients and business travelers, and in production of tour operations for organized itineraries across North America. His education and work experience has brought him from small towns in the Swiss Alps to the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, and now he happily calls Boston home. Outside of work, Brandon prioritizes personal travel, and in addition to counting his countries,and states, counts his airlines as well. Ask him what number he’s up to!