Company: Janine Cifelli Representation

Position: Managing Partner

Years In Industry: 25


You could say that Anthony sort of grew up in the hotel business.  He followed in his fathers’ footsteps who spent nearly 30 years as a hotelier. You could say the hotel business is in his blood!
Anthony’s career started at the ripe age of 22 as a sales manager at the famous La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, Ca.  He later worked for several hotel companies such as Hyatt and Hilton in various sales positions. 
He was also part of the early days of Virgin Atlantic Airways and represented Richard Branson’s Necker Island. 
He left the business to pursue his passion for health and wellness and had a successful chiropractic practice for nearly 10 years.
In 2009 "the stars aligned" so to speak and Anthony decided to return to hospitality to join his wife Janine’s budding company, Janine Cifelli Representation where they are partners.
Today, Anthony’s focus is on developing their B2B marketing strategies and working on their client sales and marketing efforts.  He is also developing new projects for their representation business as well as seeking out hotel management opportunities.
Health and wellness are still a very important part of his life.  He shares his ideas on wellness, business and travel on his many social media outlets.  Feel free to contact Anthony with any questions.