Andrew was born with the need to travel coursing through his veins. From a young age, his family encouraged him to explore, dream and embrace different cultures. Those childhood lessons have stayed with Andrew throughout his life.

Each year of college Andrew would work odd jobs and save his money, only to spend it all on a different adventure during the summer months. It was during these years that Andrew took his first (of six) cross country road trips and discovered his love for America’s National Park System. These trips inspired Andrew to work in Yellowstone National Park for two years after graduating from college.

Towards the end of his time in Yellowstone, Andrew found a $100 one way ticket to Bogota, Columbia and booked it immediately. Over the next year, Andrew would cross South America with nothing but a backpack and open mind. Not ready to stop, he left for New York City where a friend introduced Andrew to the idea of working within the travel industry.  After exploring the many avenues the industry offers, Andrew found a home at Kartagener Associates Inc. as National Sales Manager – Asia and is currently pursuing his dreams. That moment of realization changed his life forever and is now proud to call the travel industry home.