Aimee is born and raised an island girl, growing up on the sunny island of Key West and continuing her ocean-hearted adventures into the beautiful land of Hawaiʻi. With a passion for travel, food and culture she finds herself in the small areas of the world eating, dancing and drinking from the cup of life. Aimee loves all the beautiful faces of Hawaiʻi and on any given weekend she is maxing out her adventures. You are likely to find her  diving off the west side, dining at a local produce stand, playing in the windward waterfalls, skydiving over the beautiful north shores, or volunteering in her local community with various charities. 

While still in High School, Aimee started her passion for The Hospitality Industry with College Courses and continued her education after studying Business Management at Florida Atlantic University.  While starting off her career in operations and working with each department to truly know the industry, she now finds her passion is overseeing the West Coast market for Europe Express.  Her favorite part of this position, are the relationships built on rapport, networking and being able to assist with support for the industry.

Aimee’s passions lie in the travelers experience, the memories and the extraordinary experiences. Try everything in this life once, step outside of your comfort zone. If you take a chance there is always a chance you will fail, but there is also a chance that you will soar.