Adam was born into the travel business, as the son of the founder of 44 year old Goway Travel in Toronto, which specializes in long-haul travel to remote parts of the world. Some of his earliest memories were travelling, and he finds the hum of an airplane one of the most soothing sounds on earth. But with the privilege of travel comes the burning desire for more, more and more, and he’s spent the better part of his 20’s travelling. First backpacking Australia,  then working in Namibia, as a tour guide in Europe, and an entire year spent travelling throughout Asia on the cheap, he’s now visited 6 continents and over 50 countries, but can’t wait for the next trip. As a big believer in the transformative power of travel, it’s no longer an interest, an addiction, a career path, but a way of life.

I'm excited to meet  and to get to know the many faces of Toronto's travel scene who represent different companies, different arms of the travel business, and different ways to see the world. - Adam