The concept of YTP was born in March 2011 when two of the co-founders were traveling together on an educational (FAM) trip. They recognized that although there were many industry organizations none focused on the younger generation of travel & hospitality professionals and their career development. Rather than just acknowledge this gap in the industry they saw it as an opportunity and decided to address the issue head on.

Given the fact that both were from New York it made perfect sense to float the idea of a networking group catering to the needs of our generation in the Big Apple. A board of six young travel professionals was formed from different segments of the industry. They shared ideas and contacts for several weeks and on November 15, 2011 YTP was born! Registration for the event had to be closed just one week after the announcement went out because capacity was reached. More than 50 eager young professionals attended the inaugural event – it was clear, the need for this platform far exceeded what the co-founders had ever imagined. 




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